Audit & Assurance

DKR Accountants are committed to conducting audits ethically and independently, our experts analyse every aspect of our clients' activities, providing real value to each of their businesses and underpinning shareholder and employee confidence. Our audit teams are experienced & understanding at all times. We always endeavour to use the same team for subsequent audits giving our customers the opportunity to build a relationship whilst enabling our teams to increase their knowledge and understanding of each business. This ensures a good grounding to for future audits.

DKR Accountants have experience in a range of clients from small and medium owner-managed businesses to larger organisations. Our services are tailored around our clients to ensure that all needs are met and exceeded. DKR Accountants have a strong commitment to building and maintaining good client relationships and to provide a complete service.

As registered auditors we have a commitment to safeguarding the highest quality and technical values and our training structure and rigorous internal controls make sure that this is achieved.

As part of the added value service clients will also receive regular input by way of contact with a Partner or senior member of staff to ensure that they have all the information necessary to operate their businesses as effectively as possible.